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Dinosaur Selling Techniques that DON’T Work

People often ask me how I have been and continue to be successful in growing my business and sales.  It’s funny because for me, it’s very natural to connect and take a genuine interest in people both personally and professionally.  My professional sales training both structured and through reading books include the likes of Tom [...]

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Don’t End Up in Sales Jail

Yep, we’ve all experienced it on social media, over the phone and certainly in person. Someone we don’t even know, someone who certainly doesn’t know us approaches us to buy their product, join their team, hop on their FREE call (which by the way is to sell you their product or service) OY!!!!! My head [...]

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Sales, 30 Second Commercial, Networking…Oh My!

Why do the words above cause so much heart ache for people? If you think about it, we are all in sales even if we choose not to admit it. We have the tendency to think it's must worse than it is because of the old taboo way of selling. It's so funny to look [...]

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