Hello Ladies and Gentlemen,

Although my business is geared towards helping women, if you’re a man who needs help please let me know.

Women owned businesses increased by 59% since 1997, which is awesome. Women owned businesses only accounted for 6% of the nations workforce and contributed less than 4% of the total revenue of all businesses in the US.

A more astonishing fact is that only 1.8% of women owned businesses achieved the $1 million or more mark in annual revenue. I was amazed at these statistics. I think I was shocked at the 1.8% number. I achieved $1.1 million in annual revenue in less than 3 years of business when I owned Senior Helpers. I always knew I was part of the 3% club but apparently I’m in the 2% club.

I look forward to helping thousands of thousands of women achieve that benchmark. They don’t call me The Sales SOULutionist for nothing.