Yes, you read it correct! Sales wasn’t always easy, natural or comfortable for me. As a child, I moved a lot. I was always the new kid looking in from the outside. I had to force myself to be outgoing because kids can be cruel and exclude what isn’t familiar. It’s one of the reasons I go out of my way to make new members of a networking group feel comfortable. I can relate.

My journey began in the mid 1990’s. I was working as a receptionist for a computer distributor. One day the VP of Sales approached me with an opportunity to take a position as an inside sales person. WHAT? I asked him! I preceded to tell him I’m not a used car sales person or a Ginsu knife sales person. (If you are one, please don’t take offense as it was my mindset at the time.) He encouraged me to try it based on my phone and people skills. (By the way, did I mention this was the VP of Sales?) I took the position and never looked back.

It hasn’t always been sunshine and roses. I’ve made plenty of mistakes and even today I still make them and wouldn’t be human if I didn’t. I continue to educate myself on the sales process but more importantly, I work on myself each and every day.