Val has known she is a speaker since she took her first words. Tapping into the introvert part of herself has allowed her to become poised in reading other people and a room when she speaks.  There are both verbal and non-verbal communication and it is important the understand both.

Val’s audiences range from corporations to associations to entrepreneur groups and conferences.  Because of her experience in corporate America with companies such as Panasonic and Xerox, health care experience working in the hospice arena and as a business owner who hit 6 figures in 8 months and $1.1 million a tad over 24 months, Val makes a great presenter due to her ability to connect with various audiences. One of the things that makes Val unique, is the fact she holds the likings of 1.8% of women business owners and 5.3% of male business owners who have built a million dollar a year plus business.

Photos of Val Neighbors