I know, I know, it’s been a long time since I blogged to you all. I’ve been going through yet another transformation and as I am sure you can see, the website is evolving along with me. I am so happy to be working within my niche of home care and hospice. I am so passionate about our aging adults and look forward to continuing to serve them in just a little bit of a different manner.

I am honored to have received a call asking to be THE keynote speaker at an elder care event coming in May. I will share more details once the arrangements are worked out. I want to hear from you if you are struggling with your business, you have an aging loved one who you need support or direction on, if you’re someone looking for an expert in the senior care industry for a seminar or expo you’re putting together. I am here for all of you and want to be able to share my skills and knowledge with everyone globally.

Until next time, I am back to working on a few speaker programs while looking outside at yet more SNOW falling here in South Jersey. How’s the weather where you’re located?