What makes Val DIFFERENT?

Officially an “extroverted introvert” herself, Val understands the need to stand out to get noticed and get promoted. An award winning sales producer, she has learned how to be successful in sales by leveraging her ability to engage with people, connect on a deeper level and master the art of communication.  Val has learned that by refining her emotional intelligence, she can better assimilate to those she interacts with personally and professionally. Val believes selling is simple and that too many people over-complicate the process. In her training, she teaches her clients how the road to selling success is a straight shot and one that anyone can enjoy and embrace.

Having attended six different schools between Kindergarten and her Senior year of High School (no, she wasn’t part of a military family), Val understands the important of being able to quickly assimilate and find common ground – important skills for sales and leadership success. As a result of that, she teaches her clients how being an “outsider” provides a unique opportunity to fit in and quickly gain trust and likeability. Val has been an award winning sales employee, a million dollar business owner, a high end consultant and sales and communications group trainer. She has experienced life and success as both an employee and an employer, so sees things from a larger scale. Because of this, her clients can create a plan with the end result in mind so they end up where they want to be.