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Val helps corporations as well as entrepreneurs increase profits and stand out by Mastering the Art of Communication & Persuasion.”

Val Neighbors

With a personality as big as her hair, Val Neighbors’ sales and communications coaching and training have enabled entrepreneurs & companies all over the country to increase their revenue, create more synergy within their teams and turn enthusiastic employees into leaders who learn how to get results. Val’s unique blend of teaching and training ensures that her clients move beyond gathering information and start experiencing successful implementation.  Her motto is, “Life begins with YES” and through her humorous instruction, her clients learn the skills they need to be successful and how to seize each day with purpose and commitment. Val is especially passionate about working with “extroverted introverts”, since they often feel misplaced in the world due to having both personality styles.  It’s the “extroverted introverts” who often make the best sales professionals and leaders.  Building upon and then unleashing an one’s natural abilities to be super problem solvers, excellent listeners and relationship builders, Val helps her clients “stand-out” so they get the sale, position or promotion they want and help lead others to success.


“Val spoke at a sales meeting my company had. I found her to be so insightful and inspiring. She encouraged me to think a different way on what motivates me. I always say people can put their fingerprint on you and it will last a lifetime. Val’s fingerprint is on mine. Thank you Val.”
Jack Russell
“Val came to our site to do a fabulous VIP day, and my team learned a lot. It revealed who was good, and who was not, gave my entire team a whole toolkit of things that they could use. Truly it was a fantastic use of time, and energy. I really appreciate her candor, and honesty and the work she’s done.”
Haley Lynn Gray
“Val is a dynamic speaker, she grabs your attention quickly and keeps it because she is an expert in her field. Val helped me to create a more interesting and compelling 30-second commercial so I could stand out and get clients. I have consistently stood out at networking events, provided an interesting introduction and have consistently gotten clients, My time working with Val has created a 60% increase in coaching clients, and 6 opportunities to speak.”
Nicole Lewis-Keeber
“I was fortunate to attend a recent presentation by Val at our Philadelphia offices on business development and relationship building for lawyers. Val’s energy, enthusiasm, and “realness” drove the presentation and made it fun, but more importantly, extremely helpful. Who knew you could learn so much, in a new way, with concrete takeaways, in just an hour? I would highly recommend attending one of Val’s presentations or hiring her, as we did, for an in-house seminar for any profession, but in any event Val certainly hit the mark for connecting with our audience of lawyers seeking a non-lawyer’s perspective on this topic.”
Bill Simmons
“Working with Val to get over my own blocks about “sales” (which always made me feel icky), really helped me bust through my income plateau. I’ve had a certain financial goal in mind for several years and could never get past my own self and my own internal “stuff” to get even close to that goal – which is not an outrageous goal! After working with Val for a short time, I not only met that goal, I have a pipeline that will continue to secure that income for the next several months. I was able to double my monthly revenue in 4-6 weeks by implementing the techniques and strategies Val suggested which allowed me to meet the goal I set for the end of 2016. It was accomplished before June 2016.

Val taught me to be a grown up about my business. Coming from a position of submission in my past corporate life (I was a paralegal) to being a business owner – and a SUCCESSFUL ONE at that – is a real coup for me. If you’ve got blocks of any kind around sales, money, business development, then you need to work with Val. She’s got a no B.S. attitude, and she knows how to really read you and get you and get you to get you.:

Dana Fortier

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